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Cute Baby Shower Gift Wrapping Idea




  • double sided tape
  • tissue paper/wrapping paper
  • box
  • ribbon
  • socks
  • clothes pins (mini)
  • gift bag
  • feathers


1. Wrap gift(s) with tissue or wrapping paper.


2. Measure and cut ribbon, wrap around box, secure with double     

    sided tape.


3. Attach socks with clothes pins.


* Double Use - top gift with a second set of socks (as pictured) or something else for the baby. Mommy will certainly appreciate the creative addition.


1. After wrapping the gift(s), fill socks with tissue paper or purchase

    socks with foot forms inside (as pictured here - socks in molds

    were bought for $1 at Babies R Us).


2. Use double sided tape to secure socks to the top of gift(s).


*You can also add ribbon here.


* Double Use - use socks (like pictured) or something else that baby can use (ie; a beanie hat, clothing, etc), rather than a bow that will just be thrown away. And mommy to be will appreciate the creativity.


1. Put gift in a colorful bag.


2. Add feathers rather than the usual tissue paper.


* Mommy-to-be can use the feathers to decorate the new nursery!

* A receiving blanket is also a cleaver alternative to tissue paper.




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